Your Company is Growing! Can Your Stock Plan Solution Keep Up?

By Scott Shuryn – Senior Relationship Manager, TD Ameritrade Stock Plan Services

Growth. It can be a blessing and a curse.

A goal for just about every company in business today, growth can come with unexpected opportunities as well as challenges – especially if your firm is offering equity compensation to employees.

With growth comes a lot of considerations and important things to keep in mind. Ensuring that your employees feel empowered when taking action on their awards, understanding taxation implications for your awardees and your firm, and managing Section 16 filings (and multiple blackout periods) are just a few of the topics that need to be addressed.

Let’s face it, your firm’s equity compensation plan can be a lot to handle. And it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. If you’ve ever asked yourself, what the heck should I do next!?, you need to read on!

Before making any major decisions about your firm’s equity compensation plan, it’s important take some time to understand the following:

  • The challenges your company faces including any unique situations
  • The basics of equity compensation awards (e.g. type, vesting schedules, taxation implications and reporting requirements)
  • The plan for managing executive services and transactions
  • The tools and education necessary to assist awardees
  • The support you need to aid in your plan’s success

The good news is, you are not alone in this journey. Having the right collaborative solution in place can help you maximize your firm’s equity compensation plan no matter what stage your company is in – from recently IPO’d company all the way to a mature public issuer.

Interested in learning how? Join our complimentary webinar and see for yourself! It could easily be the most informative hour you spend all week.

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