Why Agile Should Be Important to You

By Steve Bauer. It’s no secret that most of today’s top technology companies follow an Agile development methodology. By definition, an agile approach means shorter sprints of software development and allows companies the ability to more quickly adjust and appropriate resources to stay ahead of the competition. It’s faster, more flexible, and better aligned to the needs of the client base.

Why should this be important to you? Because when evaluating technology vendors, understanding development strategy can provide you with great insight into how the product will evolve to support your needs.

Ever played a game of telephone? If you have, you’ll remember that the original conversation quickly distorts as the message is passed down the line. The same is true in software development. The customer expectation, how the product team understood the problem, how developers designed and built it, and ultimately what the customer needed, can all be different.

Agile provides for a greater incremental approach where the entire product lifecycle can stay laser-focused and on target for customer expectations. Sprint cycles allow for constant input and adjustments to make sure the product stays aligned with the market and user needs. The alternative “waterfall” approach means placing an all-in bet up front with no feedback until a large, all-at-once release is finally delivered.

Equity plan and disclosure management technologyAt Certent, we want our product lifecycle process to meet the needs of your organization, and Agile helps ensure we do that. Agile allows for the delivery of incremental features in real-time, keeping us on track to customer needs while being able to quickly pivot if necessary. Agile also allows for quality testing at every stage of the process. Incremental development means it is much easier to identify any potential problems early in the cycle to keep our software quality at the highest standard.

The needs of our customers are constantly developing, especially in the ever-changing landscape of compliance.  Our agile process allows us to embrace our customers early and often.  Whether it’s collecting feedback from our customer advisory board to providing early access to forthcoming new features, Certent’s Agile approach keeps us focused squarely on our customers.

When you are evaluating software vendors, whether it be for disclosure management, corporate performance management, or equity management, be sure to ask, ‘What development methodology does your product team follow?’  If the answer isn’t agile, you might want to move on.


steve bauer

Steve Bauer is Product Manager for Certent’s Disclosure Management software offering. He combines a background in accounting, financial reporting consulting, and the Agile framework with a passion for delivering innovative products to meet today’s regulatory demands.


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