The CFO Evolution

Armanino is proud to announce that our own Matt Armanino, CFO, was recently published in CFO Tech Outlook Magazine in a feature story on the CFO Evolution ®, our set of initiatives focused on the people, processes and technology needed to streamline the accounting function and elevate and optimize the CFO organization.

The CFO Evolution – What is It?

For the past five years, Armanino has surveyed CFOs in our Annual CFO Evolution Benchmark Survey, where west coast CFOs are asked about responsibilities, roles and strategic priorities. Based on their responses, market research and our extensive experience as a leading CPA and Consulting firm, we’ve developed an in-depth report titled “Turning Trends to Tactics,” which outlines our findings on these leading trends including IPO, Expansion, M&A, Analysis & Reporting, Mobility, Regulations and Project Management. There is a shift occurring in the CFO role, and Armanino is surveying the CFO community to better understand what is driving this transformation.  Matt explains our survey findings in his article.


The Shift

Our findings have revealed that the CFO role is generally split into three general categories composed of 25% business leader, 20% business protector and 55% accountant. However, a new, streamlined organization can be optimized through efficient technologies, allowing the CFO function to convert to 30% accountant, 20% protector, and 50% business leader. Thanks to smart, cloud-based automations, the CFO and senior financial team can streamline day-to-day functions, allowing them to become more strategic and visible organizational leaders.

M&A: On the CFO Bucket List

In the story, Matt notes that our survey results revealed that as a CFO, the M&A transaction in particular, can be a “hallmark of an organization that is highly strategic and well-regarded.” It also can be the hallmark of a CFO’s career. In fact, we found that no one is better equipped to take a company to a new level than an experienced and driven CFO.

Help is On the Way

Because of cloud technologies and platform integrations now available to the CFO office, the role can now more readily transition from strictly finance into overall organizational leadership, often as a springboard to the CEO role. For example, with time-saving tools like Certent, available in Armanino’s Equity Management practice, CFOs can greatly decrease the number of hours a team devotes to spreadsheet tracking and accounting of stock options, pre-IPO and post-IPO. Implementing Certent with Armanino saves resources, and establishes a highly scalable equity management solution. Not surprisingly, this makes CFOs and their teams very happy.

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