How Do You Gather Competitor Data?

Data comparisons enable your financial reporting team to analyze and benchmark your company’s performance against peers and competitors. Being able to easily access competitive data will add instant value to any strategic decision-making processes. It is crucial for your board of directors to have a clear picture of how you stack up to your competitors. Consider your current workflow for gathering accurate financial data from the SEC. Are you confident in that process?

6 Questions Financial Reporting Professionals Should Ask Themselves

Company executives, boards, and investors are relying more and more on their financial reporting teams to provide the information and analysis necessary to make crucial corporate decisions and drive strategy. To get this data more quickly and accurately, financial reporting professionals need to ask these 6 questions about their processes.

Improve the Quality of Your Filings with Better Research

With the increasing complexity of regulatory compliance, it’s becoming more challenging for companies to comply with SEC requirements and, at the same time, provide clear and concise information to their shareholders. The good news is that existing public disclosures provide a wealth of relevant information, and if used in a systematic way, can significantly improve disclosure management processes and reduce compliance risks.