Survey Finds That Financial Planning Improves Participant Perceptions Of Equity Awards

A couple of years ago, UBS started a research project called UBS Participant Voice, a series of surveys seeking to canvas the attitudes of stock plan participants toward their equity awards (see our blog commentary on the first survey). The latest survey in the series, which obtained responses from more than 1,000 stock plan participants across a variety of industries, delivers some interesting insights into the value employees both perceive and actually get from equity awards. These insights may be useful both to equity-granting companies and to financial advisors who have clients with stock compensation.

How Performance Shares Are Treated After a Death

The phone rings on Gerald’s desk. He’s the stock plan administrator for Wynlap*. Denise, the wife of a recently deceased executive, is calling to determine how her late husband’s performance share units (PSUs) will be handled. Forty-eight-year-old Chris was senior vice president of security at Wynlap, a real estate search company, when he died in a tragic car accident, leaving behind Denise and their two children. Gerald, who has been the stock plan administrator for four years, hasn’t encountered the death of an executive or the question of performance shares and beneficiaries.