Make Your Equity Plan the Star of the Show

Email, snail mail, and webinars are all great ways to communicate about your equity plan, but the use of video has created new and interesting ways to capture participants’ attention. The use of videos, including testimonials and “explainer” types, can help you get your message across to your employees in a quick, attention grabbing format. Read on for 4 key elements to creating an impactful video.

Discover Your Equity Plan “Buyer Personas”

In marketing, understanding your buyer is key – and the same can be said for stock plan management. Understanding your participants (your “buyers”) will help you to engage them and communicate in a more effective way. Developing buyer personas for your participant pool can help you segment your audience and target your messaging accordingly. As we say in marketing-the more targeted the message, the better it works.

‘Right-Sourcing’ Your Equity Plan Administration

Equity plan administration spans accounting, tax, human resources and legal functions. Many companies face the challenge of limited resources and expertise in these areas and turn to outsourcing partners for support. In this blog, we explore which components of equity administration make the most sense to outsource and examine what you can expect from an outsourcing partner.