The Quickest Way for CFOs to Become Better Leaders

Unless they’re particularly reclusive or brand-new to the organization, it shouldn’t be difficult for most employees in a company to know who the CFO is. What can be challenging though, is identifying the next-generation CFOs. Recently consulting firm The Hackett Group released a report, The CFO Agenda, which profiled a number of financial leaders to identify their biggest priorities. This included some things you might expect, like planning a financial roadmap, reengineering processes and installing BI or ERP tools….and something you might not expect.

The CFO Evolution

For the past five years, Armanino has surveyed CFOs in our Annual CFO Evolution Benchmark Survey, where west coast CFOs are asked about responsibilities, roles and strategic priorities. Based on their responses, market research and our extensive experience as a leading CPA and Consulting firm, we’ve developed an in-depth report titled “Turning Trends to Tactics,” which outlines our findings on these leading trends including IPO, Expansion, M&A, Analysis & Reporting, Mobility, Regulations and Project Management. There is a shift occurring in the CFO role, and Armanino is surveying the CFO community to better understand what is driving this transformation. Matt explains our survey findings in his article.