Announcing Better Plans, Better Management with Charles Schwab and Certent

A prestigious brokerage service and a dependable equity management system are key pieces to providing the best experience for your plan participants. When choosing what’s best for your company, you need to consider the individual attributes for each of these providers, and how well they work together. With the recent announcement of the enhanced integration […]

Creating an Epic Partnership with Your Broker

Developing a strong relationship with the right broker is an essential component for a public company’s equity compensation program. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice, but doing so can have a very large effect on the success of your plan. There are a few critical elements to creating and maintaining a solid broker partnership including: asking the right questions from the get-go, initiating a successful roll out of your new broker and leveraging their educational resources.

10 Questions to Ask Your Broker If You Are a Stock Plan Professional

Selecting the right broker for your stock plan is a key element to completing the equity compensation circle. You have taken time to design a successful plan, determine which types of awards will be most effective, educate participants on the value of their awards and communicate timely events – you don’t want to fall short on choosing the right broker partnership.