Disclosure management software is no longer just regulatory reporting. Other lines of business use this software daily.

Narrative performance reporting, internal reporting, management reporting – regardless of what your company calls it, the periodic consolidation of departmental results is a painful process for anyone. Each period, it’s a tedious, redundant routine of using last period’s now-outdated template, pulling in the new numbers and attempting to fill in the blanks with meaningful narrative. This painful process is often laden with inefficiencies and errors. Businesses the world over are turning to collaborative, single-data-source reporting engines to handle narrative performance reporting. After all, your business needs faster access to performance reporting in order to keep pace with competitive markets.


Bring a predictable and scalable
reporting process to:
Budgeting & Forecasting
Board Decks
Periodic Management Reporting
Investor Relations Decks/Reports
Press Releases
Consolidated Tax Positions
Mutual Fund Reporting
Financial Planning

Data is only half the story – narrative can (and should) be automated, too.

Certent Process

The anatomy of internal reporting excellence.

In addition to producing external financial reports, Certent’s disclosure management software creates the recurring internal periodic reports that are vital to measuring an organization’s overall health.

Certent | Compliance with Confidence

Stop relying on manual, time-consuming data entry that leaves a high margin of error.

Take this headache out of the equation by establishing a real-time connection to your internal source systems so the data and narrative within your periodic management reports is current and accurate. This will immediately reduce errors and ease the burden on reporting teams.

Data is only half the internal reporting story – narrative can (and should) be automated, too.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every single period or quarter. With Certent’s internal reporting solution, your report narrative automatically updates as the numbers fluctuate, ensuring you’re always telling the most vivid, accurate story around company results.

Certent | Compliance with Confidence
Certent | Compliance with Confidence

Maintain pixel-perfect reports even when viewed online

Decision-makers need to be able to digest the story behind the data, quickly and easily wherever they view the report. Certent CDM is the first and only offering with HD ReportingSM. HD Reporting enables users to create reports online with the highest quality viewing experience.  It is the only option to preserve the original layout of your documents while also ensuring they are compatible with Inline XBRL standards. 

Automatically roll financial reports forward period-over-period to eliminate timeconsuming, repetitive work.

Set the dates you want to report on and the numbers and narrative will automatically update for that period – creating your periodic report in a fraction of the time.

Certent | Compliance with Confidence

See it. Believe it. Do it.

Certent is the leading internal and external reporting software platform in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Watch how it works.

What our customers say

Certent has improved our accuracy. The items that need to appear in numerous places in our document are populated immediately, and they’re right! We feel a lot more comfortable with the accuracy of the document using Certent.”


Senior Director,
Giant Multinational Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation


Our industry recognition directly correlates to the success of our customers.

Think it’s time to look closer at using Certent to power up your reporting? Yeah, so do we.


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