Tell your company’s story with scalable, recurring internal reports that include narrative around the numbers to effectively communicate business performance.

“The regulatory reporting marketplace uses technology to make business reports usable and more comparable. Applying tags for external reporting, as well as private tags for internal reporting, turns out to be the secret sauce.”

John Turner
CEO of XBRL International

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Bring a predictable and scalable reporting process to budgeting & forecasting board decks, monthly management reporting, investor relations, and more.

Data is only half the story – narrative can (and should) be automated, too.

The anatomy of internal reporting excellence.

In addition to producing external financial reports, Certent’s disclosure management software creates the recurring internal monthly reports that are vital to measuring an organization’s overall health.

See it. Believe it. Do it.

Certent DisclosureNet is North America’s leading cloud-based disclosure research and analytics platform. Check out the video.

What our customers say

The more time we can give back to our analysts to do real analysis, rather than just crunching numbers, the more value we can add to the business.”


Gail B.
Head of Group Reporting, 


Our industry recognition directly correlates to the success of our customers.


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