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Simplify collaborative report production for government agencies and departments.

Increasing data volumes and demand for greater transparency means government reporting teams are under more pressure than ever to complete budget book, CAFR, and additional narrative reporting cycles accurately and on time. The ability to create and enforce intelligent processes with integrated controls, compliance checklists, and full audit trail functionality for documents in Microsoft Office means reduced risk and no more bottlenecks.

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Version Control

Preserve a single version of truth with controlled collaboration

Eliminate version control nightmares with a single, secure environment and customized workflow allowing multiple users to view and edit reports simultaneously without causing versioning problems. Last-minute changes can be incorporated through all reports and narrative quickly and easily.

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Security Audits

Enhance security across sensitive data and reports.

Audit trail functionality allows users to trace edits and lets administrators and reviewers know who made what change and when.

Check-in/check-out features eliminate confusion around document version controls, while limiting access to sensitive data

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Increased Efficiency

Link source data directly to report outputs

Create dynamic reports that update automatically when the numbers change in underlying data sources being using to create your budget book, CAFR and other narrative reports.

Streamline processes by automatically rolling financial reports forward period-over-period to eliminate time consuming, repetitive work.

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HD Reporting

Maintain pixel-perfect reports even when viewed on–line

Stakeholders need to be able to digest the story behind the data, quickly and easily wherever they view the report. Certent CDM is the first and only offering with HD ReportingSM. HD Reporting enables users to create reports on–line with the highest quality viewing experience.

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