With security, automation, and disclosure integrity top of mind, Certent streamlines your SEC reporting process.

External reporting is arguably one of the most critical activities public companies engage in, and when done well, improves corporate reputation and share price. Yet this process has traditionally been laden with inefficiencies and version control issues, which can result in dire consequences including: missed deadlines, regulatory fines and penalties, and loss of shareholder confidence. Certent eliminates manual processes, reduces risk, and automates your end-to-end external reporting cycle.


Certent is the 1st to provide clients with the ability to file HD Reports. 

Let’s put our financial and regulatory reporting solutions to work for you.

HD Reporting sets a new quality standard for reports filed with the SEC 

  • Fixed document layout with pixel perfect placement and scalable graphics  
  • No more struggling with converting formatting to traditional flowable EDGAR HTML 
  • Format and finalize Inline XBRL documents in Word then output directly to Inline XBRL or EDGAR HTML without any post-processing or third-party involvement.   
Transform your legacy reports experience (LEFT) to pixel-perfect HD Reporting (Right)

Permissions, controls & collaboration.

  • Audit trail functionality allows users to trace edits and lets administrators and reviewers know who made what change and when
  • Check-in/check-out features eliminate confusion around document version controls, while limiting access to sensitive data
  • Collaboration features such as in-document commenting promotes seamless communication between external reporting team members
  • Access to our team of financial reporting professionals dedicated to supporting you every step of the way

Secure data connections.

  • Direct connection to underlying company data sources ensures one version of the truth in your financial reports
  • Financial connectors include Excel® and any consolidation or ERP system, including SAP
  • Link company data to Microsoft Excel, updating tables and content from Excel spreadsheets right into your financial reports in Microsoft Word
Certent | Compliance with Confidence
Certent | Compliance with Confidence

Filing formatting & output.

  • Continue to work in the Microsoft Office applications you’re already familiar with to present your financial reports in a clear, concise manner
  • Certent HD Reporting preserves the original layout of reports while maintaining EDGAR HTML and In-line XBRL standards 
  • File compliant financial reports directly with the SEC
  • File types supported include: XBRL Instance documents, Inline XBRL, and EDGARized HTML

Access to SEC Filings & Accounting Rules.

  • With optional access to Certent DisclosureNet, instantly source relevant precedent examples to improve the value and quality of your external reports
  • Easily search over 21 million SEC filings and accounting regulations, from the IASB, FASB, and PCAOB, to help boost regulatory compliance and save time creating your disclosures
Certent | Compliance with Confidence


Our industry recognition directly correlates to the success of our customers.

What our customers say

20 days after signing with Certent, our 10-Q was successfully filed. It was impressive. We know they worked with a lot of banks and their expertise made it happen. Certent gave us back control of our document and instantly became a part of our team.”


John H.
Central Federal Corporation


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