The European Banking Authority (EBA) introduced the Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRD IV) in an effort to gain financial transparency across the European Economic Area (EEA).

The demand is high for credit institutions and investment firms operating in the European Economic Area (EEA) to increase transparency and data granularity in their regulatory reports. You need a solution that transforms this recurring challenge into a consistent, repeatable, and controlled process with built-in compliance.

Certent delivers filing packages that are specially constructed to provide all templates and XBRL connectivity necessary for compliance with the European Banking Authority (EBA) – including national variations – all within a familiar Microsoft Office environment.


The directive covers banks, building societies, and investment firms, and is supported by two reporting guidelines named COREP (Common Reporting) and FINREP (Financial Reporting). The demand is high for credit institutions and investment firms operating in the European Economic Area (EEA)

Let’s put our financial and regulatory reporting solutions to work for you.


Built-In COREP and FINREP reporting templates simplify report generation.

    • Capital Adequacy
    • Credit and Counterparty Credit Risk
    • Group Solvency
    • Market Risk
    • Operational Risk
    • Primary Statements (Balance Sheet and Income Statement)
    • Primary Statements (Comprehensive Income and Equity)
    • Disclosure of financial assets and liabilities
    • Financial asset disclosures and off balance sheet activities
    • Non-financial instrument disclosures

Eliminate manual workflows, improve collaboration, eliminate finger-pointing.

  • Connect COREP/FINREP templates directly to your data sources, including relationship database tables, OLAP cubes, Excel workbooks, HFM, and more

  • User-defined access layered on top of built-in workflow functionality allows you to control the full reporting process

  • Roll forward capabilities improve data quality and consistency while saving time and reducing risk

  • Dashboard view delivers complete visibility of the status of reporting process filtering, sorting, tagging, and interactive reporting


On-the-fly validation.

With more than 2,000 rules the data your company is reporting must adhere to, you need confidence in the validation of that data. Running test filings to the regulator and relying on their validation tools is time consuming and returns cryptic results.

Certent automatically performs validation checks every time data is updated and saved even before the XBRL is generated – eliminating last minute panic. If an error is found, the error message provides a link directly back to the exact template and cell that needs attention. XBRL validation rules deliver additional confidence before submitting final output to the regulator.


Our industry recognition directly correlates to the success of our customers.

What our customers say

Certent DisclosureNet is a robust, comprehensive and indispensable tool in our accounting research. As a result of using Certent DisclosureNet, Agrium’s financial statements are at the leading edge of financial reporting and our time spent researching has been reduced by over 50%.”


Malcolm M.
Director, Technical Accounting,
Agrium Inc.


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