A reporting management platform to create, compare, and communicate all crucial aspects of internal and external reporting with flexible deployment, on-premises, or in the cloud to best support your global business needs. Certent CDM is the first to deliver High-Definition (HD) ReportingSM providing superior quality viewing experience over any other solution on the market.


Reduce risk and manual processes, while integrating best practices and streamlining your SEC/EDGAR reporting process.


Make compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards a winnable fight thanks to Certent’s global expertise.

Financial Connectors

Directly and securely connect to any major accounting and consolidation systems to gain direct access to key attributes.


Ensure compliance and increase efficiency with the industry’s #1 XBRL database.


Transform the recurring challenge of transparent and granular regulatory reports into a consistent, repeatable, and controlled process compliance.

Solvency II

Reduce time-consuming and risk inducing manual processes, while staying a step ahead of the Solvency II complexity curve.

Financial & Regulatory Reporting Services

Financial and Regulatory Reporting Services will give you access the brightest and most experienced experts and advisors.


Produce ESEF compliant Inline XBRL reports with the industry’s leading reporting production solution.

Let’s put our financial and regulatory reporting solutions to work for you.

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Certent Process

What secure, collaborative financial reporting looks like

Certent streamlines the performance reporting management cycle by automating your end-to-end work cycles and connecting directly to your in-house financial systems. Faster, less risk, and empowers your teams to focus on the business, not document management.

Maintain pixel-perfect reports even when viewed on-line

Decision-makers need to be able to digest the story behind the data, quickly and easily wherever they view the report. Certent CDM HD ReportingSM enables users to create reports on-line with the highest quality viewing experience.  It is the only option to preserve the original layout of your documents while also ensuring they are compatible with Inline XBRL standards.

Transform your legacy reports experience (LEFT) to pixel-perfect HD Reporting (Right)

See it. Believe it. Do it.

Certent streamlines the disclosure management cycle by automating your end-to-end external reporting cycle and connecting directly to your in-house financial systems. Certent delivers HD Reporting and a superior viewing experience for your executives, investors, and customers.

Direct connection to data sources.

  • Connect directly with existing company data sources (ex. Excel, General Ledger, Performance Management solutions and more) to ensure data automatically flows into internal reports. This reduces the risk for manual errors and ensures a single version of the truth
  • Dynamic data updates automatically adjust the surrounding narrative accordingly so report numbers and language remain consistent


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