Efficient administration and accounting for your company’s equity plan; because it’s time to keep it (powerfully) simple.

When it comes to managing equity awards and grants, life can get complicated. From a rapidly changing regulatory landscape to ever-evolving compensation structures, the challenges of managing equity compensation can appear daunting. From accounting complexities and compliance issues to orchestrating the exercise and settlement process and generating reports, equity compensation can quickly become a drain on productivity and a bottleneck to closing your financials. There’s a better way: Certent’s equity compensation management software.


Stock plan administrators indicate that Certent helps them generate administrative reports 75–85% faster and cuts the time it takes to collect grant acceptances by 80-90%

Let’s explore how equity compensation management will work for you.


Certent’s equity administration platform simplifies and streamlines the crucial aspects of stock administration and reporting.

With a participant portal, administrative role, and console, plus over 400 pre-built reports, you can streamline equity compensation processes, improve productivity, and tighten compliance across the entire organization – from Section 16 plans to ESPP.

Everything you need to manage, administer, account for, and report on equity compensation plans.

  • Tighten compliance with robust accounting and financial reporting tools designed to meet SEC, FASB, and IFRS regulatory requirements
  • Increase productivity with rapid data retrieval through powerful filtering, sorting, tagging, and interactive reporting
  • Provide an engaging participant portal to improve communication, facilitate education, and simplify execution and settlement
Certent | Compliance with Confidence

What our customers say

One of the biggest benefits we received converting to Certent was with our auditors. The disclosure reporting is great and captures everything you need to go into disclosures on your SEC filings. That saved us an enormous amount of time. The company has really delivered a product that has flexibility to grow with your business, and as your business changes over time and your needs and requirements change, the system will be able to work that way for you.


Carolyn P.
Corporate Controller,
Gaming & Leisure Properties, Inc.


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