“I’ve seen a tremendous return on our investment, primarily in the amount of time I’ve reclaimed and redirected to other tasks. Today, instead of spending 100 percent of my time on equity plan administration, I’m down to about 20 percent of my time.”

  • Choose from a full range of equity compensation administration and accounting services to support your company’s unique needs.
  • Leverage our expert team of CEPs and CPAs to ensure regulatory compliance and navigate accounting and reporting complexities.
  • Maintain control of your data and processes with access to our web-based equity management solution and an administration services expert dedicated to your company.


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Full Outsourcing

Our equity compensation experts execute award processing, participant communications, administrative reporting, transfer agent and broker processes, and more.

Partial Outsourcing

Gain resources for periodic equity events such as grants and releases, creation of custom reports, option valuation, and more.

Professional Services

Schedule consultative and analytical support for a wide variety of equity or corporate events including IPOs, M&A activities, and spin-offs.

Through outsourcing with Certent, the controller at a large private company reduced his time spent on equity administration from six hours per day to six hours per month.

Certent’s outsourcing team incorporates extensive industry knowledge and benchmarks to maximize the effectiveness of your stock plan. Made up of CPAs and CEPs who are experts in the Certent platform, our team brings a comprehensive set of specialized technical skills to help you with any equity compensation challenge you encounter.

“It feels like they’re a seamless extension of our team who are always available. It’s a tremendous advantage to have a second set of expert eyes reviewing our plan and activities.”

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