Increase the quality and readability of your filings with intuitive, and efficient disclosure research from Certent DisclosureNet.

Certent DisclosureNet provides intuitive and efficient access to public disclosures and helps locate qualitative and quantitative information to establish best practices and perform peer comparisons with ease. With Certent, you can filter searches of EDGAR, SEDAR, ASX, and HMRC using more than 50 built-in criteria including industry, exchange, the company auditor, filing date, and receive automatic email notifications as soon as filings are published. Search criteria, search results, and company lists can all be saved and easily shared via email across your team to maximize collaboration.


DisclosureNet layers powerful search and filtering functionality on top of over 21 million regulatory disclosures like 10-Q, 10-K, and others

With DisclosureNet you can search millions of public filings in seconds.

Certent | Compliance with Confidence

Finance and accounting find target precedents in seconds.

  • Mitigate risk and improve compliance with direct access to relevant intelligence in filings
  • Uncover rare disclosure examples to help phrase your assumptions, subsequent events, assets, and shares
  • Compare your disclosures against industry filings to ensure documents are relevant and in line with best practices

Legal and investor relations gain key insights faster than ever.

  • Identify competitor activity such as major business decisions, compensation details, and profits to gain competitive intelligence and enhance benchmarking practices
  • Analyze regulatory correspondence including SEC comment letters
  • Locate institutional investor information to foster existing investor relationships and forge new ones
  • Find precedent examples for contracts, agreements and clauses (e.g., joint venture agreements, offtake agreements, mergers and acquisitions)
Certent | Compliance with Confidence


Filing Search

Just some of DisclosureNet’s highlights.

  • Real-time disclosure filings from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.
  • Full-text search targeting specific keywords viewable in context of the disclosure
  • Automatic alerts sent via email for keywords, news releases, ASU’s, and insider trades
  • Access to the most current accounting standards, rules, and regulations published by FASB and IFRS to ensure compliance
  • Ability to email disclosure documents to colleagues and save unlimited PDF versions
  • Instant access to press releases from 11 different news providers coupled with full text searching capabilities to pinpoint topics that matter most to you

Certent DisclosureNet’s analytics platform mines raw disclosure data and instantly transforms it into meaningful corporate intelligence.

  • Whether used for reviewing benchmarks or monitoring competitors, DisclosureNet provides a simple and efficient way for companies to conduct rich quantitative data analysis to sharpen strategy and make better business decisions
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What our customers say

DisclosureNet has become my one stop shop for disclosure related to all the public companies. It has saved me lots of time navigating through other disclosure websites. It’s very user friendly.”


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