Transform core financial data mined from disclosures into meaningful intelligence that improves peer benchmarking and business strategy.

Whether used for reviewing benchmarks or monitoring competitors, Certent’s disclosure research solution, DisclosureNet, provides a simple and efficient way for companies to conduct rich quantitative data analysis to sharpen strategy and make better business decisions.

With the DisclosureNet Excel® add-in, you can instantly connect to the millions of data points hosted in our cloud data warehouse and pull competitive data into pre-built templates – saving time and reducing manual effort. Alternatively, mine DisclosureNet’s data to create tailored dashboards using familiar Excel® functions such as pivot tables and charts.


Most professionals indicate that staying current with emerging and changing regulations is their #1 priority

With DisclosureNet you can search millions of public filings in seconds.

What makes DisclosureNet different?

  • Only solution where you can access multiple data sets via Excel®
  • Easily merge existing internal KPIs with corresponding metrics within peer group for faster, easier competitive analysis
  • Ability to download thousands of data points within seconds, making it faster and more efficient than traditional methods
  • User-specified Excel templates are dynamically linked and automatically updated each time the user connects to the solution

What our customers say

Searching SEDAR is a key to my business. This is the most efficient platform I’ve used.”


Amandeep S.
Zargar Lawyers + Business Strategists