Certent DisclosureNet is North America’s leading cloud-based disclosure research and peer analysis platform.

  • Source precedent examples – Save time finding critical examples that prove out a business case or solve a compliance question with access to over 20 million publicly filed and full-text searchable disclosures.
  • Boost compliance – Easily search within the latest standards issued by the major regulatory bodies and instantly access abiding sample filings to assess internal or client compliance.
  • Improve benchmarking – Streamline the process for gathering market intelligence and finding industry benchmarks with the ability to perform targeted searches and set automatic alerts on relevant industry news.

See how you can find the disclosure information you need and save hours of time.


What you can do with DisclosureNet:

SEC Filing Research – Perform targeted keyword searches on millions of EDGAR-filed documents including financial statements, news releases and insider-trade information.

Accounting Standards Review – With full access to accounting standards, stay up to date with all rules issued by major bodies like the FASB, IASB and more.

Peer Analysis – Conduct sophisticated peer analysis on real-time core financial data that is easily visualized into insightful dashboards within Excel for strategic analysis and benchmarking.

Who can use Certent DisclosureNet?

Our clients gain efficiencies across the entire organization by sharing the benefit of disclosure research with multiple groups including legal, accounting, investor relations and business development.

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