“My advice to somebody who would like to move to Certent would be to do it as fast as you can. Because their customer service and dedication are exceptional.”

– Financial Accounting Supervisor, Landauer Incorporated

  • Scalable Services Plans – Based on your organization’s needs, Certent allows you to choose from flexible service plans for XBRL, EDGAR-compliant HTML and SEC filings.
  • Implementation & Training – Our team helps you build, format and file your initial financial reports and is dedicated to providing ongoing training and support.
  • XBRL Tagging, Validation & Review – Increase your confidence in filing XBRL with tagging, validation and review services combined with online and in-person education opportunities with our team of experts.
  • Outsourced Services – Not ready to bring your filing in-house? Our team creates your reports and files directly to the SEC on your behalf, ensuring top quality filings by combing through your documents to assess tagging completeness, calculation validity, custom tag usage, and much more.

See how Certent’s outsourced services improved the financial reporting process for Landauer Incorporated.

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Certent’s tiered XBRL service packages include:

  • Tick & tie
  • Validation
  • XBRL tagging
  • Online training
  • Live bootcamp
  • Filing agent services
  • EDGARization
  • Section 16 Filing Services
  • Taxonomy conversion services
  • On-site training

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Periodic Filings
10Q/K, 20-F, 40-F, 6-K, 11-K

Transactional filings
Registration statements, S-8POS, POSASR, 424s, 8-K, S-1

Ownership forms
3, 4, and 5

IranNotice, Form SD, 13F

Annual Proxy Statements
Def 14a, Pre 14a

“Our dedicated accountant and team at Certent was able to do the tagging of an additional disclosure and help us to get to the finish line and file on time.” 

– Corporate Accounting Manager, Aqua America