Gain a new level of insight and analysis, and enjoy more organized data, better decisions, and enhanced communications with Certent’s cap table management.

Cap table management supports private companies, accurately managing, analyzing, and reporting on capital structure. You’ll save time and effort in the administration of shareholder documentation, cap table, and reporting requirements, plus enjoy on-the-fly decision support in evaluating term sheets or modeling the impact of a financing event on current and prospective shareholders.

Market Brief: Compensation & Capital Management in the Time of COVID-19


Let’s explore how equity compensation management will work for you.

Cap Management Sample

Accurate ledger based cap tables deliver the visibility you need for quick analysis.

Stop using spreadsheets to track financials and projections. Understand stakeholder holdings, and transactions with security – and generate cap tables by date, knowing it is the single source of truth.

Gain financial decision support with our distribution waterfall.

Distribution waterfalls with high-impact graphical presentation, identifying the payout for each class of security at any exit amount. Our distribution waterfalls allow you to model and compare various term sheets and analyze the capitalization outcomes.

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Solutions for Cap Table Management

Get the critical reports for your investors and employees.

Complex analysis built into powerful proprietary algorithms, creating outcome scenarios to model the impact of new financings, compare term sheets and the payout for each security, and identify the most beneficial outcome by class.

What our customers say

We used Certent Cap Table Analytics to efficiently perform “what-if” analyses to support two acquisitions. The product was intuitive right from the start and enabled us to run scenarios in just seconds.”


The controller of a private technology company


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