“DisclosureNet has become my ‘one stop shop’ for disclosure related to all the public companies. It has saved me lots of time navigating through other disclosure websites. It’s very user friendly.”

– Top public accounting firm

  • Source precedent examples – Save time finding critical examples that prove out a business case or solve a compliance question with access to over 20 million publicly filed and full-text searchable disclosures.
  • Boost compliance – Easily search within the latest standards issued by the major regulatory bodies and access abiding sample filings to assess internal or client compliance.
  • Improve benchmarking – Streamline the process for gathering market intelligence and finding industry benchmarks with the ability to perform targeted searches and set automatic alerts on relevant industry news.
  • Increase ROI – Gain efficiencies across your organization by sharing the benefit of disclosure research with multiple groups including legal, accounting, investor relations and business development.


See how the external reporting team at EnerSys benefits from Certent DisclosureNet.

Certent DisclosureNet is an SEC filing research application that has direct feeds with EDGAR & SEDAR and the major accounting bodies so that new documents and ASUs are available as soon as they’re filed or released.


  • Millions of SEC filings including 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K reports
  • Insider trading records
  • Company profiles
  • FASB & IASB accounting standards, rules & regulations
  • SEC correspondence
  • News releases
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  • Full-text search with 50+ filters – With keywords highlighted in context and the ability to filter by industry, company auditor, filing date and more, search results are immediate, relevant and easy to consume.
  • Section search – Perform keyword searches within specific sections of a document including risk factors and MD & A.
  • Alerts – Set alerts based on specific criteria and receive automatic email notifications delivered immediately, hourly or daily when a filing meeting those criteria is submitted.
  • Save & share – Users can save and share any search or search results within DisclosureNet for easy ongoing access and collaboration with colleagues. Export formats include PDF and MS Word.

  • SEC Comment Letter threads – Efficiently research topics and review the organized threads of related correspondence between the SEC and filing entities for each unique issue. When viewing filings, any related SEC correspondence or company response is linked for easy reference.
  • Accounting rules & regulations – Access full-text searchable accounting standards, rules and regulations from FASB, the IASB and more. Standards are linked to abiding sample filings, providing valuable benchmarks to ensure compliance.

  • Redline comparison – Easily identify changes between any two filings as well as key sections within 10-Ks, 10-Qs and 8-Ks. Export the redline comparison output to either PDF of MS Word format.
  • Visual side-by-side viewer – View two documents side-by-side with the option to run synchronized keyword searches for quick and efficient comparisons.

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