At Certent we believe professional education is a never-ending journey. We’d like to make that trip as rewarding as possible.

Learning, in our world, never stops because regulatory and taxonomy dynamics never stop evolving. Fortunately, at Certent, we’ve made it our mission to not only stay up with these changes but keep you a step ahead of them with insightful education and tactical strategies for you and your team.

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Let’s simplify the complexities of equity and reporting management.

Certent | Compliance with Confidence


Implementing new software can be daunting. Data conversion and reconciliation drain valuable resources and time. Your future success depends on your first few steps.

Certent sets you off on the right foot by doing the heavy lifting for you. Your dedicated implementation manager guides you every step of the way with proven tools and templates. Plus, your implementation manager is supported by a team of in-house technical and accounting experts. And that’s just for starters. We offer a full array of ongoing training and education options to grow the expertise of your team.


From Certent Bootcamps to customized training and coaching curriculum, advanced CPE learning (and doing) starts here.

During Certent’s live in-person training, attendees effectively earn their MBA in XBRL. At the kick-off of bootcamp, we begin by sharing the basics of an XBRL element and move into talking about the properties, name, definition, data type and the idea of debit or a credit. And just when you think you’ve learned it all, we jump into the deep end of the XBRL pool and discuss numeric units, reverse sign and calculation linkbase. Throughout this training, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the experts and network and share best practices with your peers.

Certent | Compliance with Confidence
Certent | Compliance with Confidence


Join Certent customers, partners, and sponsors at our user group summits held across the world.

From our Annual Equity Management Summit now in its 7th year, to regional events focused on Financial, Regulatory and Narrative Performance Reporting, you’re sure to find value. Certent Summits provide you the opportunity to meet key executives, learn new skills in educational sessions, interact with industry experts, network with your peers and have fun at our appreciation events.

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Certent is one of the leading employers of CEP professionals in the equity management industry.”


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