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Equity Management Customer Profile

Company Name:
SurveyMonkey Inc.

Managed Application & Network Services

Director of Accounting

Certent User For:
Five years

Key Result:
Easier management and modeling of various equity types

The Situation

Prior to 2012, the Director of Accounting for SurveyMonkey had been primarily using spreadsheets to manage the company’s stock option program. She was looking for a software solution that could better manage the equity compensation program and make a smooth transition from private to public company if needed. Some of the key requirements for the system were the ability to transfer data from their attorney, and the functionality to handle a variety of equity instruments including common and preferred stock, options, RSPs and RSUs with an employee portal. A SaaS company with an SSAE-16 certification was also a “must-have.”

The Transformation

The company selected Certent due to its superior customer support, better value and additional features compared to the competition. The director felt that Certent offered the most independence and flexibility to connect with a variety of transfer agents and brokers, should the company go public. She received great support in getting the system up and running.

The Results

One immediate result was that the Certent Participant Portal was extremely helpful as employees became accustomed to logging in to see their equity ownership and accept online grants, allowing SurveyMonkey to go paperless with this process. In addition, the accounting team was able to manage multiple equity types within the platform, as well as perform modeling using Certent Sandbox – a secure replica of the production database that makes it safe to test, train, troubleshoot and model scenarios. They also employed Certent’s Peer Group Volatility tool to build a peer group stock price profile and generate automatic calculations of weighted average volatility for the Black-Scholes stock based compensation calculation.

The Certent platform allowed SurveyMonkey’s accounting team to save time in accounting calculations, improve the integrity of the equity plan data and satisfy employee communication needs in a more streamlined fashion. Best of all, they are well-positioned, in the scenario of another tender offer or IPO, to select and integrate with their preferred broker and transfer agent, as they desired from the beginning.


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