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Osisko Mining Corporation

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Company Name:
Osisko Mining Corporation

Mining and Natural Resources

Blair Zaritsky, Chief Financial Officer

Certent User For:
6 Years

Key Result:
Each month, Certent DisclosureNet saves Mr. Zaritsky 5-6 hours of time

I love how specific searches can get in Certent DisclosureNet, and how simple it is to find exactly what you’re looking for.”

Drilling Down in Certent DisclosureNet


Over the past year and a half, Osisko mining has encountered many “firsts” – it has hired new directors, drafted financial statements and completed an MD&A in its first preliminary long form prospectus. Following the common strategy of learning by example, Zaritsky began drafting these documents by researching precedent disclosures that peer companies had recently filed.

But this research was easier said than done, as the company was using a rudimentary filing search website that made it challenging to find specific disclosure examples. The program Zaritsky’s team was using during busy research times was slow, unreliable and unintuitive, which negatively impacted his company’s overall financial reporting efficiency.

For Zaritsky, who had previously worked for companies with Certent DisclosureNet access, the software was the obvious solution for the research pains his company was enduring. “Having used Certent DisclosureNet for the last five years or so,” he begins, “I knew that its capabilities far surpassed those of the primary research application used at Osisko.”


Above all, Zaritsky credits Certent DisclosureNet with efficiently providing highly specific and relevant search results that he uses to save time and stay informed.

Zaritsky recalls a particular instance, when Osisko was hiring new directors. He got immediate results from a simple Certent DisclosureNet search for peer companies that had filed management information circulars dealing with this topic. These documents guided his own work and helped ensure he was disclosing accurately, while saving time by decreasing the labor of formatting and drafting the documents from scratch.

When asked about his favorite Certent DisclosureNet feature, Zaritsky enthuses that “[he] love[s] how specific searches can get in Certent DisclosureNet, and how simple it is to find exactly what you’re looking for.” The proximity and full-text searching capabilities within Certent DisclosureNet are a couple of features he mentions that enable users at Osisko to get so granular with their searches.

The Results

Since introducing Certent DisclosureNet as the primary research solution at Osisko Mining, Zaritsky says it has streamlined research processes by eliminating hours of time wasted browsing through public filings.


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