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Lavery, de Billy, L.L.P.

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Company Name:
Lavery, de Billy, L.L.P.

Business Legal Services

Marie-Ève Gauthier, Legal Translator

Certent User For:
5 Years

Key Result:
Using Certent DisclosureNet has helped Gauthier reduce time spent researching by ~70% compared to previous research methods.

I use Certent DisclosureNet almost every day. It’s become part of my routine; in the morning I get a coffee, open my computer and log in to Certent DisclosureNet.”

Found in Translation

For Marie-Ève Gauthier, a translator at law firm Lavery, de Billy, L.L.P., finding documents to assist in translation and review has never been so easy.

In her role as translator at Lavery, de Billy, L.L.P., a major independent law firm specializing in business law, Marie-Ève Gauthier previously used various online resources to find publicly disclosed legal documents to review or translate from English to French. Once Gauthier learned about Certent DisclosureNet and discovered she could do this (and more) within one fast, simple to use solution, she quickly replaced her former, exhaustive processes. Now, Certent DisclosureNet has become a crucial part of Gauthier’s daily routine and has helped reduce her time spent researching by ~70% when compared with her former methods.


The filings Gauthier typically translates or reviews are offering documents such as prospectuses and takeover bids, or continuous disclosure documents including annual information forms and proxy circulars. Before Certent DisclosureNet, Gauthier used a combination of Internet search engines and regulatory websites to find these documents.

While this process worked, it was time-consuming and often frustrating for Gauthier because if she did find the documents she was looking for, she couldn’t always determine right away whether they were bilingual or existed only in English. But at the time, this had proven to be the most effective method for conducting this particular type of research.

Then Gauthier learned about Certent DisclosureNet and her workflow changed for the better.


After the firm got Certent DisclosureNet access, it didn’t take long for Gauthier and her team to identify the product as an extremely useful translation aid. She explains that it’s especially helpful when she finds a precedent French document to use for a new translation. This means that the project will consist mostly of an intensive review rather than a complete translation.

After discovering its uses and benefits, Certent DisclosureNet quickly replaced Gauthier’s former research process and became an integral part of her workflow. “I use Certent DisclosureNet almost every day,” she says. “It’s become part of my routine; in the morning I get a coffee, open my computer and log in to Certent DisclosureNet.”

Gauthier counts the various search criteria as her favorite Certent DisclosureNet features. In particular, she regularly uses the English/French match feature, which brings up versions of documents in both languages. Gauthier also finds the company name filter especially helpful to find documents from a specific company, reducing the time she spends scouring the Internet for the same information.

The Results

Gauthier credits Certent DisclosureNet with giving her team “the great advantage of being able to find the documents we’re looking for in English and in French easily and very rapidly, which makes us far more efficient when we translate or review.”

Using Certent DisclosureNet on a daily basis has transformed Gauthier’s workflow and has helped produce the following results:

  • Time spent researching has been reduced by ~70% compared to previous research methods
  • Reducing the time spent finding documents for translation or review in turn saves clients significant time in getting the final translation
  • Using Certent DisclosureNet among the translation team has improved efficiency for the firm overall, creating more streamlined workflow processes and delivering heightened service to clients

Since learning about Certent DisclsoureNet five years ago, Marie-Eve Gauthier can confidently say that the Lavery, de Billy, L.L.P. translation team’s efficiency has improved. Rather than combining various forms of Internet searches to find the right documents, Gauthier automatically turns to Certent DisclosureNet as a one-stop shop for her needs. As a result, it’s become a part of her daily routine and helps deliver better service to the firm’s clients.

With Certent DisclosureNet, Gauthier’s research is never lost in translation.


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