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Company Name:
AltaGas Ltd.

Power, Gas and Utilities

Eric von Engelbrechten, Director, Commodities Accounting

Certent User For:
1 Year

Key Result:
Certent DisclosureNet has increased research productivity by 33% with respect to searching for comparable disclosures

The online training and support provided by the Certent team is excellent! It’s great to put a face to the product, and know that I can count on them to help.”

The Power of People

How the ‘human face’ of Certent helped increase AltaGas Director’s research productivity by 33%

A year ago when Eric von Engelbrechten joined AltaGas Ltd. (“AltaGas”) he’d never used Certent DisclosureNet. As a leading North American energy infrastructure company with focus in Canada and the U.S., AltaGas operates three divisions: power, gas and utilities. Last year was noteworthy for von Engelbrechten’s Power Division, as it made several significant acquisitions. During this busy time when efficient disclosure research was integral, von Engelbrechten was introduced to Certent DisclosureNet – and its client success team – to help ensure Power Division disclosure in each AltaGas disclosure filing was compliant.


When von Engelbrechten came on board at AltaGas, the company was midway through a series of significant power transactions. These included the acquisition of a biomass electricity generation company, construction of a wind power generation facility in which AltaGas has 50% ownership, and most recently the acquisition of Blythe Energy, LLC (which owns a natural gas fired electricity generation facility.)

From von Engelbrechten’s perspective, these deals represented not just major wins for the company, but also an influx of information to publicly disclose. To help ensure AltaGas produced filings that were compliant with respect to Power Division disclosure, von Engelbrechten needed to review comparable disclosures from peer companies.

His colleagues recommended Certent DisclosureNet for this research, and while von Engelbrechten could see its potential as a powerful tool, he felt like he was searching for some tiny needles in a large haystack. As a new user, he knew he needed some guidance, so he picked up the phone and called the Certent support line.


Once von Engelbrechten completed one hour of training with his Certent client success specialist, he was on his way to becoming a more effective researcher. During this initial session, von Engelbrechten not only learned how to successfully use some of his favorite features like automatic alerts and the document compare function, but he felt it was “great to put a face to the product, and know that [he could] count on [the team] to help.”

While he has encountered minor obstacles commonly faced in researching, von Engelbrechten notes that it’s been “nothing that the client success team hasn’t helped me fix. The online training and support provided by Certent is excellent!”

Today, von Engelbrechten understands the product’s capabilities and consistently finds what he’s looking for in Certent DisclosureNet, ultimately helping him generate compliant Power Division disclosures for AltaGas.

The Results

With the initial and ongoing support from the client success team, von Engelbrechten has increased his research proficiency by learning how to maximize the capabilities in Certent DisclosureNet.

  • Research productivity increased by 33% with respect to searching for comparable disclosures
  • Finds what he’s looking for in Certent DisclosureNet 75% of the time
  • Comfort in knowing the client success team is available for support when required
  • Now equipped with the skills to research for future projects

During an exciting year for the Power Division of AltaGas, Eric von Engelbrechten faced the responsibility of ensuring the Power Division disclosed the necessary information. Thrilled that the company had a solution for this type of research, von Engelbrechten turned to the Certent client success team for training. The skills he’s learned have increased his research efficiency and help ensure AltaGas’ Power Division disclosures meet regulatory requirements.

That’s the power of Certent DisclosureNet.


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