Profit Interest Units

LLCs and MLPs use Profit Interest Units (PIUs) to signify a member or partner holder as having an ownership/interest in the future profits of the company.

As with most grant types, the ability to track time-based and performance-based vesting schedules is core, as well as flexibility to accommodate for plan adjustments, distribution methods, tax considerations and broad reporting requirements.

Equity Compensation Management for LLCs

Let's explore how equity compensation management will work for you.

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Let’s explore how equity compensation management will work for you.

Streamline Tracking & Reporting

Track LLC/MLP members and record profit interest unit grants.

Certent’s expanded functionality includes the ability to track, record and report on PIU grants.

Certent extends portfolio to offer outsourced ESMA/ESEF reporting
Inform Policy Decisions

Get the critical reports to make policy decisions on valuation.

Certent’s PIU plan management allows limited liability companies to make policy decisions on valuation, whether Black Scholes or Intrinsic Value method, with stock payout distribution following ASU718 guidelines.

Profit Interest Units Reporting
Gain the Advantage

Equity Management Key Benefits for PIUs:

  • Track LLC participants and record profit interest unit grants
  • Track time-based or performance-based vesting schedules
  • Provide cash or share distribution payout methods
  • ASU 718 or Intrinsic Value method expense management
  • Participants can view and manage their PIU holdings
  • Robust reporting capabilities: 100+ standard administrative & financial reports available
Profit Interest Units Advantages
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Quick Start Implementation for LLC/MLP up to 100 members

Like many growing companies, you need to move beyond manual spreadsheets or legacy software for equity management; but you simply don’t have the time or resources for a major software migration.  Certent’s Quick Start Services can help!

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