Participant Portal Heightens Equity Plan Success

By Donna Bell. What may seem like the simplest award structure to you as a stock plan administrator, can feel like a foreign concept to participants. A critical element to equity plan success is participant comprehension and engagement, and the most effective way to increase these key elements is employing an online participant portal.

An online portal enables you toespp-management maintain an open and consistent line of communication with your participants and will allow you to schedule trigger notifications for important equity events. There is nothing worse than an expired equity award due to a missed deadline. Also, the participant portal is an easy way to notify participants of blackouts or other events that will affect their ability to exercise and trade stock.

You can also leverage your participant portal as an educational tool. It allows you to maintain an up-to-date database of information. As aspects of your equity plan change, you have the ability to reflect that information in the portal and easily upload notifications for your participants. A portal also allows you to keep a current FAQ for your participants to reference – eliminating some of the questions you need to field. You can upload a full equity compensation knowledge base including how-to videos, checklists and presentations as helpful resources for your participants.

An online participant portal improves the equity compensation experience. Participants can model different exercise scenarios to ensure maximum return on their awards and independently navigate through the exercise and settlement process. Access to the portal enables participant self-service through direct access to grant portfolio and transaction statements.  In a recent survey, we found that Certent clients utilizing our Participant Portal report up to a 90% reduction in the number of calls from employees needing their histories pulled.

Not just a benefit for participants, an online portal streamlines your workflow as a stock plan administrator by eliminating the need to manage mounds of paperwork. Learn more about how an online participant portal can increase participant engagement and facilitate a more successful equity program.

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