It’s simple; we address the growing complexity and inter-connectedness of the global financial and regulatory marketplace.

At Certent, we understand the macro view of the world; organizations are continuing to globalize and thus face the complex challenges of multi-country financial and regulatory compliance. We also appreciate the micro details involved in predictably addressing compliance, regulatory, and accounting requirements in multiple countries. With four global offices and a dedicated global regulatory team to deliver confidence across mission-critical finance and HR processes, you can count on Certent to know your world, no matter where that world happens to be.

Here are some of the global regulatory factors and dynamics we’ll help you manage:

  • FASB: complete codification, account standards updates, pre-codification standards, proposed accounting standards updates
  • SEC: Exemptive orders, interpretive releases, proposed rules, sta no-action letters, interpretive and exemptive letters, petitions for rulemaking
  • IFRS: IAS, IFRC, SIC interpretations, proposed standards
  • PCAOB: Attestation, auditing, ethics and independence, guidance, quality control


Certent’s global regulatory team serves customers in over 50 countries


Global events annually

Certent | Compliance with Confidence

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