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Equity plan and disclosure management technologyBy Marisa Ruffles. The rise of video is no surprise given the massive shift in culture and technology – and the staggering popularity of YouTube! At one time, video was simply a means to entertain; pop a VHS in your VCR and grab the popcorn, but these days video is so much more than that. More and more companies are using video to not only entertain, but also to educate and engage – and stock plan administrators can too.

If you’ve considered adding video to your equity plan communication strategy, here are a few tips we gathered from Wistia, a video hosting technology company, to keep your viewers engaged!

  1.  Keep it short – Psychologists say that the average human sustained attention span is 20 minutes. But for online videos, it seems to be about 60 seconds.
  2. Put the good stuff in the beginning – Most videos lose viewership overtime. Interest wanes as viewers get distracted, bored, or realize that the video is not for them. The moral here is: If there’s something that you really want people to see, it’s best to put it in the one of the first shots.
  3. Be specific – Make sure every shot contains specific and new information. If you aren’t getting useful points across, people will stop listening.
  4. Keep it personal – People are naturally interested in other human beings. Use this to your advantage.

Video can be intimidating, but you don’t need a professional camera crew to make it happen. The technological advances of handheld devices are lightyears from where they were even two years ago. You would be surprised with your results if you just get started. So start writing your script, grab a smartphone tripod and hit record! And be sure to upload the finished product into your participant portal!

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