• Problem

    Financial reporting professionals face intense pressure to increase stakeholder transparency and decrease risk – all while removing days from the financial close process. Manual processes are time consuming and laden with risk.

  • Solution

    Financial Connectors automates the flow of information and directly connects Certent Disclosure Management to the ledger fields of any major accounting, CPM, and consolidation system - increasing data integrity and minimizing risk of error.

Certent Advantages


  • Eliminate manual data entry and eradicate processing delays
  • Increase efficiency, save time, and implement continuous accounting best practices
  • Easily generate, present, and exchange data across departments
  • Gain immediate access to the most up-to-date numbers – no more waiting on various stakeholders


  • Leverage Dell Boomi AtomSphere®, the industry’s #1 integration cloud™, to pull source data directly into Certent Disclosure Management
  • Reduce the number of human touches to the data –ensuring numbers are always consistent
  • Increase transparency by automating the input of source ledger data
  • Manage workflow in a controlled and auditable manner by relying on a single system

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