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Announcing Better Plans, Better Management with Charles Schwab and Certent

A prestigious brokerage service and a dependable equity management system are key pieces to providing the best experience for your plan participants. When choosing what’s best for your company, you need to consider the individual attributes for each of these providers, and how well they work together. With the recent announcement of the enhanced integration of Certent’s Equity Management software with Charles Schwab’s stock plan administrative solutions, there is now a full-service system that combines two best-in-class products for a powerful new offering.

This enhanced collaboration of equity management software and broker provides a secure data transfer and gives equity plan administrators peace of mind as well as alleviating their administrative burden. The result is an intuitive user interface and data sync automation that benefits not just the plan sponsor but also each employee participant. This new integration significantly increases the value of the relationship between Certent and Charles Schwab clients.

“At Schwab, our number one goal is to help investors achieve better outcomes through a combination of technology, outstanding service and financial education,” said Marc McDonough, vice president of Schwab Stock Plan Services. “Our collaboration with Certent enables us to serve individuals who traditionally did not have access to brokerage services, making investing and financial planning easier and more accessible.”

With the new API between Certent’s Equity Management software and Charles Schwab’s brokerage services, data will be updated continuously so plan managers can spend less time on manual administrative processes and more time focused on managing the business. The enhanced platform supports online grant acceptance, online employee stock purchase events, employee enrollment, and performance awards and cash instruments. Participants can view and engage with their equity awards instantaneously. All of this leads to improved employee satisfaction and provides an edge over the competition in the war for talent.

The enhanced direct broker interface between Certent and Charles Schwab will deliver plan sponsors with a seamless, flexible equity plan solution while simultaneously delivering a world-class brokerage experience to participants. Developed using the latest integration technologies, the next-generation real-time data transfer process means plan sponsors can continue to rely on Certent for robust administration, accounting and reporting solutions while providing their employees with direct access to Charles Schwab’s suite of brokerage and financial services.
This new collaboration opens the door for companies that have or plan to have their retirement plans with Charles Schwab, to integrate that relationship with the equity management solution provided by Certent.

To learn more about Certent’s broker and HR connector capabilities, click here.


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