SEC Filing: 3 Reasons to Question Using a Printer

Once upon a time, there was no other way. Companies looking to file their financial statements with the SEC were best left in the hands of a printer to help. Looking elsewhere simply wasn’t worth the risk. But times are changing and many companies are now asking themselves, “is the printer model right for my SEC filing process?” Here are three specific areas where there could be room for improvement.

The Key to a Successful Share Request Proposal

One of the first thoughts a Compensation Committee member or Director of Executive Compensation has when faced with going for a new equity compensation pool is whether or not they will be able to pass the Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. tests. Additionally, there is often heartburn across various internal teams, such as Finance, Human Resources and Legal, in trying to understand and then communicate the implications of the ISS analysis to the Compensation Committee to determine the best course of action going forward. Read this guest blog for the key to success.