The Top 7 Disclosure Management Blogs of 2016

2016 has been quite the year – from facing iXBRL and revenue recognition changes to grappling with more traditional challenges like manual internal reporting and 10-K time management. There’s something for everyone in this roundup of our seven most popular disclosure management blogs.


  1. Trying to gauge iXBRL’s impact? Read Inline XBRL: What Does it Mean for Me? – Back in June, the SEC announced the beginning of its voluntary iXBRL program. In this post, learn what the updated regulation means for your company.
  1. If you’re looking for an easy way to impress your boss, read How to Make a 5 Million Dollar Difference with Disclosure Research – Learn how adding one simple workflow step enabled a compensation consultant to save his client millions of dollars.
  1. Save your sanity during reporting time by reading 4 Internal Reporting Challenges You Can Overcome Today – You’re not the only one encountering frustrations in the monthly internal reporting cycle. Learn what the most common challenges are and how you can overcome them now.
  1. Get a handle on what you need to do to prepare for the rev rec standard in Tips for Handling the New Revenue Recognition Standard – Whether you’ve started the transition or not, the simple tips offered in this post will help smooth the path toward implementation.
  1. If you’re a financial reporting overachiever, read 3 Critical Components for Producing Exceptional Disclosures – The path to great disclosures is easier than you think. This post explores a proven framework for creating better financial reports.
  1. In case you’re wondering what to do after K season, read Filed Your 10-K? Do This Now – While the pains and frustrations of year-end are still fresh in your mind, follow these simple steps to set yourself up for success in your next filing period.
  1. Weighing up the pros and cons of outsourcing XBRL? If so, read XBRL: To Outsource or not to Outsource – Review this simple set of questions to help you evaluate what level of XBRL support and services will best suit your company’s individual needs.

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