Five Governance Best Practices for Companies That Want to Go Public

For a private company that wants to go public, putting best governance practices into action will make the IPO process go smoother and will prepare the board of directors for the rules and regulations to come. Read this blog for five governance best practices that will get you started on the right foot.

Facebook and Whatsapp Status For New Year 2018!!

New Year is going to happen soon. Day by day we are progressing towards the much anticipated day of the year.  New Year is like a festive day for many.  The celebrations of New Year are quite unique and vary from place to place.  People welcome New Year with open arms and wide thoughts.  It […]

How to Make a Women Squirt Easily?

Female acclamation squirting is formed advancement in their absorptive breadth about the changeable urethra, bigger accepted aback the G-spot. It is amid during the high allotment of the vagina, aloof abaft their admission at the back of the pubic bone. To your amateur woman, the antecedent time she ejaculates feels like she is actually […]

Part 3 – Tips for Handling the New Revenue Recognition Standard

Part 3 of 3 in our revenue recognition blog series concerns the necessity of starting to take implementation steps now so your company is compliant in the long term. To help get your transition off on the right foot, this post briefly outlines five simple tips and tricks that you and your company can follow as December 2017 draws nearer.

Part 2 – Revenue Recognition Standard: The Timeline

It’s been a long and winding road for the new revenue recognition standard. In post 2 of 3 of our series, we provide a recap of the biggest moments in the revenue recognition update saga since it was first introduced 13 years ago.

Parental Advice That Sticks: Keep It Simple!

I’ve been thinking about those little pearls of wisdom or nuggets of information that hang on, things we learned ages ago that travel with us. One I’ve never forgotten came from good old Dad. I still hear the sound track in my head: “Don’t take wooden nickels” … “Worrying won’t change anything” … “Don’t ever pay full price.” But one piece of parental advice that stuck with me was some variation of the perennial favorite, “Don’t overcomplicate it!”—or “KISS.”

Part 1 – The 5 Ws of the New Revenue Recognition Standard

Whether familiarizing yourself with the updated revenue recognition guidance for the first time or brushing up on the basics in preparation for implementation, part 1 of 3 in this blog series boils down the 5 Ws of rev rec in a simple, concise manner.

What Every Equity Plan Manager Needs to Know About Marketing

Designing and managing equity plans is half the battle – effective communications represents the other half and requires equity plan managers to put on their marketing caps. I know that you already have a ton on your plate, so here is a quick “Marketing 101” that will help you gain awareness for your equity plans.