How Do You Gather Competitor Data?

By Rob Blake. Data comparisons enable your financial reporting team to analyze and benchmark your company’s performance against peers and competitors. Being able to easily access competitive data will add instant value to any strategic decision-making processes.

data qualityIt is crucial for your board of directors to have a clear picture of how you stack up to your competitors. Consider your current workflow for gathering accurate financial data from the SEC.

Are you confident in that process? While everyone has access to Google or Yahoo Finance to gather the numbers, there are better ways to take control of whose data you analyze, what data you analyze, and when best makes sense to pull the numbers. Does your team have the technology to:

  • Search and filter SEC filings in seconds – allowing you to establish best practices and perform peer comparisons with ease?
  • Receive automatic alerts via email for keywords, news releases, and insider trades – to maintain real time insights?
  • Find precedent examples of rare and less common note disclosures – saving time and eliminating the need to start from scratch?
  • Identify competitor activity such as major business decisions, compensation details, and profits – to gain competitive intelligence and enhance benchmarking practices?

Certent’s disclosure research solution, DisclosureNet, provides intuitive and efficient access to public company filings and helps locate qualitative, unstructured information to establish best practice and perform peer comparisons with ease.

With Certent, you can also pull information directly out of the SEC database and generate Excel –based reports for both internal and external XBRL data benchmarking. Ready to get started?  Sign up for your 30-day FREE TRIAL today!


Rob Blake