6 Questions Financial Reporting Professionals Should Ask Themselves

By Niles Gunderson. Company executives, boards, and investors are relying more and more on their financial reporting teams to provide the information and analysis necessary to make crucial corporate decisions and drive strategy. To get this data more quickly and accurately, ask yourself these 6 questions:

  1. Where exactly is your financial data coming from?
  2. How is your data integrated into your current financial reporting processes?
  3. Is your team successfully managing your financial disclosures?
  4. How accurate are your SEC reports?
  5. How up-to-date and effective is your competitive benchmark data?
  6. What tools are available to make the filing process more efficient?

Having the answers to these questions and continuously evaluating where your financial reporting processes stand will help you to maintain best practices and drive your workflows to greater efficiency.  Disclosure management is about creating quality data that can be presented to your company’s various stakeholders with complete confidence.

Certent Disclosure Management helps you streamline your financial reporting process, reduce risk and errors, and achieve compliance with confidence.


Niles Gunderson

Niles Gunderson is director, sales engineering at Certent with a focus on our Disclosure Management solution.  With extensive experience in regulatory reporting and XBRL, he is passionate about helping companies incorporate greater efficiency into their reporting processes.