10-K Survival Kit

By Marisa Ruffles. It’s here!  No, not the zombie apocalypse – 10-K season (which is arguably even more terrifying). We want you to have a successful and clean filing, and in order to do so you need a 10-K Survival Kit. I asked our financial reporting experts, and here are a few things they think you should include:

SEC Filing CalendarStay on task and on time with our 2016 SEC filing calendar.

Emergency preparation equipment on wooden table, on dark backgroStarbucks, More Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts – You must have gotten at least one coffee gift card over the holidays!

5 Hour Energy Drink – We do realize some people hate coffee.

XBRL ChecklistThis step-by-step timeline guides you through generating your XBRL draft, reviewing your final XBRL submission, and creating your EDGARized HTML version.

Free Trial of Disclosure Research Easily search public disclosures and locate precedent examples of narrative around new or complex notes, see what and how your peers have reported in previous quarters, and set automatic alerts to receive relevant public disclosures in real-time.

SEC credentials – Having the appropriate credentials ready and waiting for filing time can save frantic headaches and fire drills when battling against the clock. Read more in our blog, and make sure you’re prepared.

A Dedicated Accountant Team to Support You During Crunch Time – Certent clients benefit from a dedicated team of U.S.-based financial reporting experts there to help them when they need it most.

Sleeping Bag – Because as much as you’d like to go home and sleep, it probably won’t happen.

So, gather your gear, say good-bye to your family and friends, and psych yourself up for a smooth and sparkling 10-K submission. And if you need any XBRL services, we provide those too.  You can learn more about that here. Happy Filing!