How to fix iPhone FaceTime Problems?

How to fix iPhone FaceTime Problems?

FaceTime is one of the most popular video calling applications available on the web for all the users. The FaceTime app supports Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and many more. The way of making video and voice calls to your friends and family members drastically changed in the best way with the arrival of FaceTime app by Apple software developers. FaceTime for Android makes use of one of the best possible ways to begin a video conversation for all the users on any of the devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac and a lot more. We have copious video calling apps available on the web for all the users such as Skype, IMO, Google Hangouts, Kakao Talk and a lot more.

Despite having numerous apps, people make use of FaceTime across the globe in a rapid way. However, there are some times when people confront issues with FaceTime app as well. Sometimes, people get stuck during their chat conversations with their friends over FaceTime app. In most cases, people face a connection issue i.e., dropping of the connection during weak network. This eventually shows affect over the FaceTime video and audio calls on various platforms. In this post, we have come up with the best solutions for FaceTime problems. You can check out to fix iPhone FaceTime problems along with the best solutions. Have a look!

  1. Toggle FaceTime On and Off Button

If you come across connection issue with FaceTime app, you can resolve it by toggling the on and off button of FaceTime from Settings. You need to re-activate the FaceTime application forcibly. Check out the below steps:

  • Go to Settings >> FaceTime
  • You need to simply switch the FaceTime app to off.
  • You can then switch it back to on position.
  • You will see a pop up message that says the user to wait for activation.
  • In only few moments, the Apple ID details fill in the fields.
  • This is the simple process to fix the connection issue with FaceTime on your iPhone.
  1. Sign in Using Same Apple ID

In order to solve the FaceTime issues on your Apple iPhone, you need to sign in into your FaceTime account once again using your same Apple ID.

  • Go to Settings >> FaceTime >> Check the Apple ID.
  • If you find that the two devices do not match, then you need to sign out of the FaceTime account and enter the same Apple ID and password just like other devices.
  1. Check Network Settings

If you still find that your device shows the same connection issue, you need to make some changes on your network settings on your iPhone. In order to do so, just follow the simple steps provided below:

  • Open Settings >> General >> Reset >> select the option that says ‘Reset Network Settings’.
  • This will immediately restart your iPhone. After the rebooting process, you can once again try to connect to the FaceTime app.

These are some of the best fixes or solutions for the problems that you face on FaceTime app.