Determining Eligible Employees: from Entry Level to Top Executives

When building an equity compensation plan, companies have to consider which employees will be eligible to receive equity. Are you looking to develop an executive-only plan focusing on senior management or a broader program where all employees may participate? Both have their pros and cons, and pulling guidance from larger corporate goals and vision can help you lay out a plan that will drive the right results.

4 Most Common XBRL Errors: Part Four

As an accountant preparing financial documents for the SEC, you know that making sure your data is accurate and properly tagged is crucial. In our XBRL errors blog series we provide a detailed analysis of the four most common XBRL errors to help you be more proactive in the preparation process and produce better quality XBRL financials. In the fourth and final part of this blog series we will focus on date error.

The Long and Winding Road to IPO – Advice for the CFO

If there was one takeaway from the “IPO Readiness” track at the Armanino Evolution conference in Silicon Valley last week, it was how much longer it takes to get “IPO ready” than anyone realizes. In this post, we summarize the best practices and recommendations for IPO Readiness discussed at the event.

How to fix iPhone FaceTime Problems?

How to fix iPhone FaceTime Problems? FaceTime is one of the most popular video calling applications available on the web for all the users. The FaceTime app supports Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and many more. The way of making video and voice calls to your friends and family members drastically changed […]

4 Most Common XBRL Errors: Part Three

Reporting high-quality XBRL data is not just a matter of compliance. Financial disclosures are increasingly used as a data source by investors and analysts. It is challenging to compare the data points if the reported values are not accurate. A simple omission of an important element such as EPS may result in misrepresentation of financial results and hamper the analysis. In this blog series we are exploring the four most common XBRL errors. This part of the series will focus on the error required value not reported.

Who’s on Your Stock Plan Communication Team?

Communicating an equity-based compensation program requires effective collaboration of multidisciplinary internal stakeholders (e.g., finance, human resources, legal) and external service providers (e.g., brokers, transfer agent, software vendors). Thinking of each of these parties as members of your stock plan communication team will help to break up the responsibilities and coordinate efforts to work towards a common goal – increasing participant satisfaction with the equity plan.

More Value, Less Money for CEO Pay: The Role of Performance Awards in Executive Compensation

Executive compensation is a complex and controversial subject. Companies are often criticized for overpaying their executives, while shareholders are questioning the pay-setting process and the outcome it produces. This debate has triggered regulatory changes, which in turn have affected the composition of executive compensation packages. Over time, companies are offering less and less cash-based compensation and steadily increasing the portion of performance-based awards.

4 Most Common XBRL Errors: Part Two

XBRL is an important process requiring a significant amount of time and effort. Incorrect tagging may compromise the accuracy and quality of financial statements and undermine a company’s reputation. However, a large number of companies continue to make basic mistakes in their filings to the SEC. In this blog series we are exploring the four most common XBRL errors. Part two will focus on negative value errors.

‘Right-Sourcing’ Your Equity Plan Administration

Equity plan administration spans accounting, tax, human resources and legal functions. Many companies face the challenge of limited resources and expertise in these areas and turn to outsourcing partners for support. In this blog, we explore which components of equity administration make the most sense to outsource and examine what you can expect from an outsourcing partner.

4 Most Common XBRL Errors: Part One

The SEC is paying close attention to the quality of your company’s XBRL tagging, and it is critical to avoid common mistakes. According to a study conducted by XBRL US, many common (and preventable) XBRL errors are committed each year come filing time. In this blog series, we will explore the four most common XBRL mistakes. Part one will focus on invalid member axis combinations.