Gear Up for Certent’s XBRL Bootcamp

By Sean Sandoval. As the Director Education and Product Enablement at Certent, I get great satisfaction at the end of a week of Certent XBRL training.  I know attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of XBRL and valuable time with the experts.  Most importantly, they will be setup for XBRL tagging success, as training is an instrumental part of becoming a educated user of any system.

Usually by the time finance professionals come to training they may have a couple of filing quarters under their belts and are beginning to see the advantages of a document management solution.  They are starting to work collaboratively with their peers and their XBRL accountant to develop a more efficient process.  They have left the “pencils down” rule behind for good and have more control over their financial reporting than ever before.  They are working within Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and continually learning tips and tricks to improve workflows within these applications.

During Certent’s live in-person training, attendees effectively earn their MBA in XBRL.  At the kick-off of bootcamp, we begin by sharing the basics of an XBRL element and move into talkingFour Businesspeople At Boardroom Table Watching Presentation about the properties, name, definition, data type and the idea of debit or a credit.  And just when you think you’ve learned it all, we jump in the deep end of the XBRL pool and discuss numeric units, reverse sign and calculation linkbase.  We also explore the YETI, which is truly a monster with more than 17,000 US GAAP elements, but by the end of the week, I promise it won’t be so scary.

Throughout training, clients have the opportunity to meet the experts and network and share best practices with their peers.  And we, as educators, gain valuable knowledge from our clients about what we can provide to make their job more efficient and less stressful.  Some of the most useful feedback we receive is during training when clients tell us what they need in a document management product.  Many of the features in Certent Disclosure Management today are a direct result of client feedback.

Once the training is over and a new class of Certent University graduates are on their way back to their organizations, they are able to see XBRL as a powerful reporting language, and not just another burdensome SEC regulation.  Document management is a valuable tool that gives control back to financial reporting managers and makes the financial reporting process more efficient.

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