10 Questions to Ask Your Broker If You Are a Stock Plan Professional

Selecting the right broker for your stock plan is a key element to completing the equity compensation circle. You have taken time to design a successful plan, determine which types of awards will be most effective, educate participants on the value of their awards and communicate timely events – you don’t want to fall short on choosing the right broker partnership.

5 Reasons Why Excel Doesn’t Add Up for Stock Plan Management

I have spoken to thousands of public companies over the last 15 years in the equity compensation business and I have heard a lot. The thing that still surprises me more than anything is the number of companies using Excel for stock plan administration and/or accounting. Sometimes companies are unable to justify the expense of using the latest technology or are just not aware of the solutions that are out there, but either way it is time to start looking.

Tips for Keeping Stock Plan Participants Informed

In part one of our series, Effectively Educating Your Stock Plan Participants, an important question was raised – do participants understand the intrinsic value and implications of various award scenarios? In this installment of our series on effective equity plan communication, the focus is on properly notifying plan participants, appropriate check-in times and ways to best disperse notifications along the stock plan process.

2015 GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy Adopted

On March 9, 2015 the SEC officially adopted and supported the FASB’s proposed 2015 GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy. The GAAP Financial Reporting taxonomy provides accounting standards and guidelines for the hierarchical dictionaries and defines the specific XBRL tags that are used for individual items of data in public company SEC filings.

Effectively Educate Your Stock Plan Participants

Equity compensation is a recruitment and retention tool, but a complicated one at that. Regardless of the equity vehicle used, the intent of the program is to offer highly motivating incentives that drive appropriate employee behavior. The trouble comes with properly and effectively educating a wide range of plan participants; something much easier said than done.

FASB Considers New Provision for Private Companies

Less costly? Less complex? And authored by FASB? Inquiring minds at private companies want to know how suggested changes in measuring equity, as well as liability-classified awards, might make their lives easier. The Private Company Council (PCC), advisory body to the FASB representing the interests of privately-held companies with respect to U.S. GAAP, influenced the Board in October 2014, to add a “Simplification” project to its agenda.

Functional Formatting in Microsoft Word

When constructing any formal document in Microsoft Word, nothing sticks out more than a formatting mess. A well-constructed document is often overlooked for one simple reason – It blends in. It flows. While there are several tricks to make your document really wow the reader, a poorly formatted final copy is a sure-fire way to get noticed and for all the wrong reasons.

Filing XBRL? Don’t Forget These 5 Things

Filing with the SEC is complex, time consuming and high stakes. XBRL and EDGARized HTML reports serve as an official declaration to the public of the financial health of your company. As a member of the compliances services team at Certent with extensive SEC and XBRL knowledge, I understand the importance of telling an accurate financial story.

Reserve your Spot at the 2015 Certent Summit

Gear up for your Q1 close with us March 25th-27th at the 2015 Certent Summit at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Our annual user conference, now in its fourth year, promises to be the best yet with inspirational keynote speakers, new breakout session topics, complimentary one-on-one equity compensation and financial compliance consulting and much more.