Introducing Certent Thought Leaders

We are excited to announce the launch of a new program at Certent.  In an effort to share our depth of equity compensation and financial compliance expertise with the industry, we have created the Certent Thought Leader program.  A small group of Certent employees will comprise this group of forward thinking industry professionals who will open their vast knowledge banks to share tips, tricks and best practices. Each thought leader brings specific expertise in the areas of stock plan design, XBRL, equity compensation reporting & accounting and financial compliance, and will provide great insight into these complex functions. The inaugural group of Thought Leaders includes: Jennifer Baehr, Michael Chandler, Evan Condran, Denise Scoville-Glackin, John Jeffrey, Shylette Joven, Brad Reynolds and Sean Sandoval.

Jennifer Baehr is the director, sales engineering at Certent and an active member of the equity compensation community. A CEP with over 15 years of experience, Jennifer volunteers for the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI), serving on the curriculum committee for the CEP Institute, holds the position of Public Relations Director for the CT NASPP Chapter, and is a regular presenter and speaker at industry events.

With more than 20 years of experience developing financial reporting software, Mike Chandler is director, product management at Certent. Mike is recognized for turning data into insights and is enthusiastic about exploring how people see financial data and simplifying complex financial reporting topics.

Evan Condran contributes to the Certent team as manager of compliance services.  Evan is a CPA with expansive US GAAP Taxonomy knowledge and an exceptional ability to translate difficult XBRL concepts into digestible information.  He leverages his experience in financial reporting, disclosure management and XBRL to empower those around him towards efficiency and compliance.

A CEP with great expertise in equity compensation technical requirements, administrative procedures and systems, Brad Reynolds is director, product management at Certent. Reynolds has a deep library of best practices for tax accounting and financial reporting and leverages his extensive equity compensation experience to support and enhance the client experience at Certent.

Denise Scoville-Glackin is an implementation manager at Certent.  Denise’s expertise is derived from over 14 years of experience in equity compensation, with a focus on client relationships and implementation services. She is passionate about setting each client off on the right foot and understands the impact this has on future client success.

As director of education and enablement for XBRL financial filing and disclosure management, Sean Sandoval is instrumental in delivering a variety of training experiences to Certent’s customer base, from e-learning solutions to the classroom.  Sean has over 10 years of valuable experience with SEC reporting and a passion for providing people with the tools necessary to succeed.

Shylette Joven is an equity compensation specialist in the product development/QA department at Certent.  A Professional in Human Resources (PHR) with an extensive background in Total Rewards, Shylette has over 15 years of experience in building equity plan programs, stock plan management and evaluating market data.

The Certent Thought Leaders will be contributing to our blog, posting tips and tricks within our client community, developing webinars and white papers, participating in LinkedIn groups and on our LinkedIn company page.  This group of Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs) and contributing members of industry organizations such as the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) and the Global Equity Organization (GEO) will provide actionable takeaways to improve your workflows. Be sure to visit our Certent Insider blog often to benefit from this expansive knowledge set spanning financial compliance, XBRL, SEC reporting, and equity compensation management. Congratulations Certent Thought Leaders!