How Competitive is your Equity Plan: Ways to Measure

Your company has spent countless hours and resources developing an effective equity compensation plan, but markets, regulations and executive expectations change – creating an ever-evolving landscape. A best practice for organizations is to conduct a review of market data to measure the competitiveness of its equity compensation program on an annual basis.

Introducing Certent Thought Leaders

We are excited to announce the launch of a new program at Certent. In an effort to share our depth of equity compensation and financial compliance expertise with the industry, we have created the Certent Thought Leader program. A small group of Certent employees will comprise this group of forward thinking industry professionals who will open their vast knowledge banks to share tips, tricks and best practices.

Reduce the Quarter-End Crunch

Quarter end is always looming and is usually a mad rush governed by strict deadlines. To prepare yourself for this inevitable workload, avoid saving equity compensation calculation work for the end of the quarter. Instead, create a monthly preparation and calculation workflow to avoid a paralyzing bottleneck.

5 Key Guidelines When Designing a Performance Award Plan

Performance awards are one of the most challenging equity types to manage. As with any complicated process, the beginning stages of planning are crucial to future success. If you plan well, chances are you will execute well. Allocate time and resources to design an effective performance award plan in order to eliminate future headaches. Here are a few key elements to set yourself up for success.