7 Ways to Make the Most of the NASPP Conference

With the 24th Annual NASPP Conference and Exhibition coming up next week, we wanted to make sure you get the most out of your time in Houston. Attending conferences can be a struggle when trying to choose from a jam-packed schedule full of inspiring breakout sessions and balancing that with authentic, meaningful networking all while maintaining your day-to-day workload. You need to make the most of your time at the conference and here are 7 ways to do it.

7 Email Tips to Improve Stock Plan Communications

Email is often incorporated into a stock plan communication strategy because all employees have an email account, it is inexpensive, and it can be effective. But how can you make sure it is effective? How do you make sure that your participant communications are reaching your audience? Here are 7 things that will make your message jump out of your participant’s inbox and get them to act.

How Millennials May Change Equity Compensation

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to attend the 17th-annual Global Equity Organization conference in Boston. I feel right at home at conferences like this: They are teeming with people who love equity compensation as much as I do. I always look forward to hearing what people are talking about, whether it is in the keynote speeches, the more detailed breakout sessions, or just networking over a lobster roll in the Boston-themed exhibit hall. These conversations give me a glimpse of what the future holds, and when I hear the same topic addressed in a keynote, in a breakout, and in the exhibit-hall chatter, I know it must be a hot topic. So, what’s everyone talking about? Millennials!

IPO: Impact on Executive Wealth and Liquidity

A fast-growing medical device company expects to file for an initial public offering (IPO) next year. The company has offered incentive stock options (ISOs) to their executives and these execs now have the opportunity to exercise early, if they choose to. After the IPO, executives will be forbidden to sell during the 180-day lockup period and there will be limits detailing how much company stock an executive can sell all at once. The executives realize that these economic and tax decisions are more complex than those they have had to make in the past.

ASU 2016-09: Simple But Complex: Part 1

As part of its Simplification Initiative, FASB issued ASU 2016-09 on March 30, 2016, an update to ASC Topic 718. For public business entities, the amendments in ASU 2016-09 are effective for annual periods beginning after December 15, 2016 and interim periods within those annual periods. For all other entities, the amendments are effective for annual periods beginning after December 15, 2017 and interim periods within annual periods beginning after December 15, 2018. There are a few key provisions of the new standard, here we will focus on accounting for income taxes and elimination of APIC pool.

Survey Finds That Financial Planning Improves Participant Perceptions Of Equity Awards

A couple of years ago, UBS started a research project called UBS Participant Voice, a series of surveys seeking to canvas the attitudes of stock plan participants toward their equity awards (see our blog commentary on the first survey). The latest survey in the series, which obtained responses from more than 1,000 stock plan participants across a variety of industries, delivers some interesting insights into the value employees both perceive and actually get from equity awards. These insights may be useful both to equity-granting companies and to financial advisors who have clients with stock compensation.

Global Survey Suggests Long Term Incentives Equal Corporate Success

Have you read the recently published Global Equity Insights 2016 report? Overall conclusions within the comprehensive 33 page report are consistent with previous year’s findings that long term incentive plans are being offered by more companies and across a greater portion of the workforce than ever before – and that is translating into success. The survey was sponsored by 10 companies from various industries including Fidelity, the Global Equity Organization, hkp/// group, SAP, Siemens, and more. The survey sample includes participation from 148 large global companies from 21 different countries. 91% of those companies have a market capitalization above USD 1 billion, and 60% of the companies reported revenues of more than USD 5 billion in 2014.

Vesting and Exception Policy for Early Retirement Disability

Everyone was stunned when Liam, the hard-charging chief logistics officer, suffered a heart attack at the pharmaceutical company where he works. While he’s mostly recovered, Liam is retiring on doctor’s orders and has reached out to Margaret, his company’s stock plan administrator. Liam qualifies for permanent disability, which would allow him to retire sooner than expected. The question remains how to put together the resources.

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