• Problem

    Equity plan management, disclosure management, and SEC filing are mission-critical and complex processes. You have to meet tight deadlines with increasingly limited time and resources – and be certain your data is accurate.

  • Solution

    Certent elevates your financial compliance and equity plan management processes. You can streamline internal and external reporting, automate your stock plan workflow, and simplify regulatory compliance with our SEC document creation and filing – as well as XBRL tagging capabilities.

Real Results

With Certent Equity Compensation Reporting, the accounting manager at an oil and gas company decreased time previously spent on expenses, terminations, and additions in the equity plan from four hours per month down to just 15 minutes. She also slashed the time it took to prepare quarterly disclosures from eight hours down to just one.

The compensation manager of a multi-billion dollar furnishing store was tracking all participant grant acceptances manually, easily spending 30 minutes per grant across over 700 grants per year. Certent Equity Compensation Management helped her to completely eliminate that time by automating the grant process online.

By using Certent Disclosure Management, the controller at a publicly-owned bank gained back two days per close period allowing her to work through the department’s project backlog.

Finance professionals report a 60 – 80% reduction in time required on equity accounting reports per close with Certent and benefit from the ability to generate administrative reports 75 – 85% faster. Certent clients also see a huge improvement in grant communications with 80 – 90% reductions in the time it takes to collect acceptances.

Certent Disclosure Management provided a publically traded energy giant with increased confidence in their financial filings.  Certent’s linking capabilities eliminated any second guessing and allowed the company to maintain one version of the truth.

Certent Advantages

Equity Compensation ManagementDashboard-Overview

  • Complete SEC, FASB, and IFRS calculations and reporting for more than 15 award types
  • Mobility tracking with time- and date-stamped audit trails
  • Automated integration with other business applications, such as HRIS and payroll systems
  • Pre-integrated, pre-certified connections with a choice of brokers
  • Online participant communications and transactions; electronic grant communications and participant notifications

Equity Compensation Reporting

  • More than 400 reports supporting 15 award types
  • Full implementation support complete with accounting reconciliation
  • Extensive forecasting and modeling capabilities and quick data retrieval through filtering and sorting
  • Ability to integrate with your current equity administration solution
  • Scheduled or on-demand report delivery for faster closes

Disclosure Management

  • File SEC compliant submissions, including XBRL and EDGARized HTML directly to the SEC
  • Eliminate manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors by connecting to your underlying accounting system
  • Link data across Microsoft® products, updating tables and content from Excel® spreadsheets right into your regulatory documents in Microsoft Word® and management and board reports in Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • Edit, comment on, and review your financial disclosures simultaneously across your reporting team – including both content and XBRL
  • Control access, coordinate reviews and approvals, and capture the audit trail

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