• Problem

    With manual financial processes common in private companies, data errors occur and audits can consume massive amounts of time. Investor reporting has become as onerous as that of public companies, and board books can exceed 100 pages and require several weeks to put together.

  • Solution

    Certent Equity Compensation and Capitalization Management streamlines your stock plan processes, improves productivity, and tightens compliance. Our Investor Reporting solution automates the flow of data and enables collaboration across departments - allowing you to free up resources and increase confidence.

Real Results

Prior to Certent, the treasury manager at an imaging-solutions company would spend a week each quarter performing option grant and vesting data analysis to present to senior management. Once the company implemented Certent Equity Compensation Management, she was able to produce the same level of detailed reports in just one hour.

The CFO at a private leader in advanced fuel cell power cut in half the time it took to prepare for audits with Certent Equity Compensation Management.

Migrating from spreadsheets to Certent has allowed the global controller at a privately-held software development company to eliminate the nearly three hours per week his team used to need to find and correct errors.

With Certent, private companies achieve an 80 – 90% reduction in time spent answering participant requests for historical information and are able to generate reports 75-85% faster. Certent clients also see a drop in time spent to determine stock volatility rates by 75 – 85% with the Peer Group Volatility module.

Certent Advantages

Capitalization-ScorecardEquity Compensation Management

  • Complete option and cap-table management and modeling including automatic peer-group volatility calculations and complete audit trail with time/date stamped entries
  • Full support through the transition from private to public including broker choice and solutions to meet SEC disclosure requirements
  • Self-service participant portal to eliminate participant requests with direct access to grant portfolio and transaction statements

Cap Table Analytics

  • Create distribution waterfalls with high-impact graphical presentation
  • Track financials and projections, stakeholder holdings, and transactions within a security
  • Model the impact of new financings on your corporate structure and compare term sheets and the payout for each security

Investor Reporting

  • Link data across Microsoft® products, updating tables and content from Excel® spreadsheets right into your management and board reports in Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • Eliminate manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors by connecting to your underlying accounting system
  • Control access, coordinate reviews and approvals, and capture the audit trail

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