• Problem

    If you are running your company’s stock plan, there’s no doubt you wear many hats. Plan administration, participant information requests, and grant issuances place tremendous strain on your time, while maintaining consistency with payroll and HRIS demands extreme patience.

  • Solution

    With Certent Equity Compensation Management you can simplify and streamline all the crucial aspects of stock plan administration and reporting. With a participant portal, full administration console and over 400 interactive and customizable reports, you can improve productivity and tighten compliance.

Real Results

A commercial bank had employees whose options expired because they didn’t know they had them. After implementing Certent, automated e-mail alerts and a participant portal empowered their employees to access their information online, exercise on time and observe trading windows.

The global controller at a multimedia company was able drastically reduce the time he spent generating reports related to participant history from up to two hours down to just ten minutes by using Certent Equity Compensation Management.

With Certent, stock plan administrators have reduced the time it takes to prepare grants by 25-35% and have been able to collect grant acceptances from employees 80-90% faster.

Certent Advantages

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  • Participant portal reduces time spent on requests and encourages self-service
  • Provides support for ISO rules and 83B elections to ensure compliance
  • Full support for the administration of 15 different award types
  • Extensive forecasting and modeling capabilities


  • Automated integration with any HRIS/payroll system eliminates the need to enter data twice
  • Your choice of broker integrated through pre-certified connectors
  • Full or partial outsourcing options allow you to offload resource draining tasks


  • Full implementation support with data conversion and accounting reconciliation
  • Expert support staff of CPAs and CEPs there to make sure you succeed
  • Professional services help navigate infrequent equity events
  • Certent’s Education Team provides unlimited, web-based training plus customized education

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