• Problem

    Complex calculations combined with looming deadlines can lead to inaccurate data and costly errors. Your hands are tied while you are waiting on information from other departments in order to run reports and submit filings. Compliance is key.

  • Solution

    With Certent’s web-based software, you can automate equity financial and tax reporting, SEC filing, internal reporting, XBRL tagging and complex accounting calculations. Certent saves time, helps you meet deadlines, eliminates risk and cuts closing times.

Real Results

A billion dollar public aerospace company was able to save over half a week’s worth of time per filing on the 10K disclosure alone by implementing Certent Disclosure Management.

The Controller of a public bank saved a week’s worth of time using Certent to streamline her financial filings and eliminated “pencils down” and the fees incurred with last minute changes.

With Certent Equity Compensation Reporting, the technical accounting manager at a global internet powerhouse was able to shave three full days off of the time it previously took each quarter to perform ASC718-required calculations and generate equity-related reports.

The global compensation manager of a multi-billion dollar furnishings store cut the time it took to generate five key reports by 85% using Certent. Instead of spending ten days to write the annual proxy, they now are able to complete this massive task in half the amount of time.

Finance professionals boast a 75 – 85% reduction in time required on equity accounting reports per close and an 80-90% reduction in time spent finding and correcting errors in spreadsheets.

Certent Advantages

Peer-Group-VolatilityRobust Solutions

  • Full implementation support with data conversion and accounting reconciliation
  • Over 400 reports addressing valuation, expensing, corporate tax, dilution, SEC disclosure and proxy table information
  • Robust cost center expensing and mobility tracking
  • Greater insight into XBRL tagging with the ability to perform peer comparisons and create industry reports
  • Superior SEC filing validation engine ensures compliance prior to final submission


  • Full or partial outsourcing options allow you to offload resource draining tasks
  • Ability to integrate with multiple brokers and GL/ERP systems
  • Simplifies financial compliance workflows by linking familiar Microsoft tools

Streamlined Processes

  • Automation of complex calculations and journal entries
  • Full date- and time-stamped audit trail lessens time spent with auditors
  • Filing Wizard delivers one click filing to the SEC from your single source document
  • Reduces time spent recreating documents with the ability to roll forward your information quarter after quarter
  • The multi-user environment allows collaboration while preserving one version of the truth

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