• Problem

    You need a single version of your data. This means your HRIS, payroll, and even your broker’s system all need to communicate with one another so you can avoid double-data entry - and the need to change all of your vendors when you only want to change one.

  • Solution

    Certent’s open ecosystem of industry partners provides you with choices. Our integration with leading payroll/HR systems eliminates errors and improves data accuracy by pulling data directly from the source. And Certent connects with top brokers to allow you to create the perfect workflow for your specific equity plan needs.

Real Results

The director of total rewards at a publicly-traded furniture and electronics company saved an average of one week every month eliminating the need to re-key data into multiple systems with Certent HR Payroll Connector.

Certent clients see a 75% decrease in time required to update back office systems with our integration functionality – and they experience better data accuracy.

Certent Advantages


  • Pre-integrated, pre-certified connections with your choice of top-tier brokers
  • Eliminate the need to change equity platforms if you decide to change your preferred broker
  • Improve the success of your equity plan by creating the best experience for your participants


  • Preserve one version of demographic data for your company
  • Sync employee HR records with equity plan database to ensure up-to-date information
  • Shave time off your payroll cycle by eliminating manual entries for equity transactions

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